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As of November 21, 2015 at 8:49am, we have reached the milestone of 3,000 Facebook likes! I don’t know 50 people, let alone 3,000 people. Thank you so much WOLO fans and friends! Let’s get to 4,000. Check out our Facebook page WOLOeats. We’ll be privately contacting our 3,000th like so he can come by the truck for a bowl of Sucker Free Chili.

2 Responses to “3,000 Facebook Likes”

  1. colleen

    Can you tell me when you are at Independent Brewing? Have looked for you gguys twice uou are terribly elusive.

    • Nina

      Hi Coleen, Sorry we missed you! We’re at Independent Brewing Co normally from Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. We’re parked in the back so you can’t see the truck from the street. If you pull around on the side by the car wash, you’ll see us. Our schedule is pretty up to date on the website events page. http://www.woloeats.com. Hope to catch you soon!