We had a wedding tasting… Or did we have 2?

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Last night we (WOLO) had a wedding tasting locally for a young couple who love the idea of having a food truck for their wedding day. After talking to the client earlier in the morning we found out that they (Sombronkey) were a microbrewery. So we (WOLO) mentioned that we like beer and they (Sombromkey) make beer, we (WOLO) were overjoyed. So we (WOLO) showed up with all of the requested food for the tasting and met Travis (Sombronkey). Travis (Sombronkey) then took us on a tour of the massive facility, which included the bar, we (WOLO) said yes please. You (WOLO fans) knew where this was going. Long story short, there were two tastings last night, a win/win if you (WOLO fans) will. So remember, we (WOLO) like things also next time you see us at an event.

We (WOLO) left Travis & Emily’s (Sombronkey) with a growler full of beer. Hazzah!

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