Being a Business Owner

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One of the greatest and the scariest aspects about owning your own business is that you have to make every single decision small and big on your own. Forget about relying on a co-worker, manager, boss or CEO, it all falls on your shoulders. Well we have certainly made some blunders, missteps and bad decisions but there is one decision that we made that could not have worked out better for us, and that was hiring Five Ones for our complete marketing and technology needs. They have been really the only thing that we haven’t had to worry about through this entire process, a process that has taken many months to get where we are today. Chris and Julia have been great and continue to amaze us with their efficiency and knowledge, and to be able to do this with two very young children in their spare time really is testament to their dedication to us. We greatly appreciate their help and could not have made it here without them.