Here is Carolai!!

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Found in Food Truck

After months of planning, weeks of fabrication, days of wrapping, we finally have our truck “Carolai” in our possession, and she’s a beauty. We really couldn’t be any happier with the results of wrap and the audio system. Eriksson and I have been admiring the truck all day, in fact, Eriksson was honking the horn of truck all the way through the town of Bel Air and amazingly enough people waved back at him. The pictures really don’t do it justice folks, she’s way prettier in person. For the first time we feel complete, no more plain white truck. No more playing music out of a boombox LL Cool J style. So tomorrow starts the first day of what we call the daily grind, but in a good way. We can not wait to make you amazing food out of our amazing truck.

BTW, for those wondering why we named our truck “Carolai”, Eriksson said it best here…

The name of our truck, as you can see is “Carolai”. There is a story behind that name. It is a combination of my late mother’s name, Carol, and John’s late grandmother’s name, Lai. My mother and John’s grandmother are smiling right now and are hopefully proud of us both. They each had such an impact on our lives. Just wanted to share.