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We headed up to upstate New York this past weekend for a truck rodeo in Rochester and to take a look at the progress of our truck in Buffalo. Rain put a damper on the truck rodeo which was expected to have 6,000 people attend it. That would would have been an amazing thing to witness, however despite the rain, more than 1,000 attended to the event. So not all was lost, I even sang a fantastic version on “Faithfully” by Journey at a local pub. Early Saturday morning we ventured to a farmers market that blew our minds. We both could’ve spent hours there, and we would have but we had to hightail it to Buffalo to check on the progress of our truck. This was easily the highlight of the trip. The truck was completely gutted and all of the major holes were cut out, we could actually imagine the truck being done and ready for work. As it is, we expect the truck to be finished by the 26th of September, then the truck needs to visit several locations before we can operate it. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Eriksson

    Your version of “Faithfully” was masterful. A real treat…..something to behold……had to be there….a truly memorable performance…..well…..you get the idea.