Watermelon Cucumber Margarita

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Don’t get too excited, we won’t be selling booze from our truck any time soon but we enjoy a great libation from
time to time.  This is one of my creations, a watermelon cucumber margarita.  I love tequila, A LOT. It’s great by
itself but it’s just as great with other ingredients.  So to make this great summer drink you will need a or some
seedless watermelons (depending on who you invite over), a couple cucumbers, some tequila, sour mix, simple
syrup and salt as an option.  You’ll need a blender too.

Not that I need to tell you but remove the rind from the watermelons.  Then you’ll need to peel the skin off of the
cucumber, if not it will be too bitter.  Then blend the watermelon and cucumber to a 10:1 ratio with watermelon
being the main ingredient.  As you blend these ingredients add simple syrup to taste.  When you’re done you’ll have
the base of the drink finished.


2 oz – Watermelon/cucumber mixture
1.5 oz – Tequila (2 oz if you’re not driving)
Not that the Tequila really matters, I use Cuervo, but just about any decent brand would work.
Fill remainder of glass with sour mix.
Now the salt.  You could salt the rim I guess, but what I do is chop square pieces of the watermelon and salt one
side then freeze it.  It acts as great garnish and a great way to add the salt if that’s your thing.