Safeway Gas

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We have been doing a lot of cooking and testing out dishes for the food truck.  Needless to say we have to shop
and buy quite a bit of food to do this cooking/testing.  Well just the other day I was checking out at Safeway, where
I buy the majority of the groceries (yes I go to Wegman’s it’s just that Safeway is three minutes from my house)
and upon giving me my receipt, the checkout guy said: “Thank you Mr. Hill you saved x amount of dollars today
and you have 6 gas rewards”.  After he said that I asked him what the gas rewards meant and he told me I could
save sixty cents per gallon!

My tank was on empty so I went over to the Safeway gas station on Churchville road, swiped my Safeway card at
the pump and saved a boatload of money on gas.  I paid $2.96 per gallon. That’s pretty damn good.

This is not an advertisement for Safeway but noteworthy because who doesn’t want to save money on gas these

BTW….they have great specials every week on many items. You should check it out.