Radio – Our Mascot

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So……we have been asked quite a bit about the dog in our logo.  We get questions like: “So hey man, what’s
up with the dog?” Well….we reply, “That’s Radio and simply put…..he’s our boy!”

We love that little dog and he embodies our playful, mischievous, good natured spirit. Radio is relentless with
several things but mostly he’s relentless with this little pig toy he loves to play with.  He will bring it to you
and insist that you throw it for him to fetch again and again until you relent.  He makes funny faces, tilts his
disproportionately big head and barks and in a way that seems that he’s talking to you saying, “Play with me!”

So now you have some insight into why we chose Radio for the face of our concept.

That’s all for now.